The most amazing creations made with LEGO®

 The most amazing creations made with LEGO®

Having a good imagination, you can create amazing things from the well-known LEGO® parts. Considering how many original ideas were embodied with the help of the most popular construction toys in the world, it is not surprising that soon someone will assemble a full-fledged aircraft with the help of simple LEGO® parts. If you have LEGO® laying around without use, you can create many useful and incredibly amazing things with it.

The tallest tower made of LEGO® bricks

The first such tower was built in the UK (London). After some time, this idea infected such cities as Toronto, Moscow and Munich. Now there is a new record - a 32-meter tower of LEGO® bricks. The world record was set by Brazil. The construction took more than 5 million parts and four days of work. The main team of the project participants are children. For the construction of the tower a tower crane was used and several thousand people. 

Lego tower Brazil

Replica of Formula 1

It took just over six months to lay down an exact copy of the Ferrari F1 Italia model. The model has identical characteristics of a real car. Everything is done so accurately that even the diffuser and the wing are no different from the original. Interestingly, the creation of a formula car takes the same amount of time. 

Lego Ferrari Formula 1


Anyone who at least once built something with LEGO®, thought about creating a thing that is useful in everyday life. The practical implementation of such an idea came up with the British TV presenter, James May. He decided to build a full house of LEGO® parts. This is not just a model of the house, it is a full-fledged residential building, in which even inside everything is done with the help of LEGO® (furniture, sanitary ware, products). James May is the first person who made his childhood dream come true and built a house of real dimensions. 

Lego House James May

LEGO® City

In honour of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the LEGO®, the Danish company opened a seminar, during which a copy of the city of Tokyo was built. During the workshop, a city model was created. About 5,000 children were involved in the design. It took almost 2 million parts. 2 months were spent on the creation of the city. 

Lego City Tokyo

Eight-Cylinder working engine

No one would have thought that with the help of the LEGO®, a working eight-cylinder engine would be created sometime. But it happened! The engine is really in working condition, equipped with a gearbox. It took about 5 months to create it. 

Eight Cylinder Working Lego Engine

LEGO® 3D printer

Matthew Kruger, a student, wondered how to create a 3D printer from the materials at hand. The printer technology itself allows you to create three-dimensional parts. The model was named LEGObot. Now the LEGO® also prints.

Lego 3d printer


A full copy of the Roman Colosseum was built by Ryan McNaught. By the way, he has a certificate of legobuilder. All details are carefully designed. It took 200 thousand parts. This is the most difficult technological work that the builder has ever had to do. Today it is the only exact copy of the Colosseum of LEGO®. Model of the Colosseum is exhibited in Melbourne.

 Lego Coliseum

A map of Europe

A group of enthusiasts decided to create an exact map of Europe with the main attractions. Having gathered on one of the weekends, five students began to design the world's first LEG LEGO® map. They exactly created a map on which you can see the main cultural and historical sights of Europe. Students were busy creating for almost half a year. They used 55,000 LEGO® parts. On the map, you can see the Eiffel Tower, Edinburgh Palace and much more. 

Lego Europe Map

Polar Bear Sculpture

LEGO's professional designer, Sean Kenney, created a full-size model of a polar bear. He is engaged in the construction of sculptures around the world. This time Philadelphia got lucky. 95,000 parts were spent on the creation of the animal. He worked for 2 months, 2 days of which it took to create a bear's facial expression. Sean was assisted by 5 people. 

Lego Polar Bear

Have you ever wanted to create something similar? On our website, you can get full size copies of Cats and miniature copies of Dogs Sculptures made by LEGO® style bricks. Assembling these will give you a feeling of a sculptor and architect.

Lego Cats Sculptures

Lego Dogs Sculptures Collection

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