If you have children and not a single piece of LEGO® at home, then you are a very strange family. Because LEGO® is not only a multifaceted educational game, but also the most popular construction toy on this planet. And as a result, practically all children have it.

And while you try to remember how, literally, last morning, you pulled a cute LEGO® brick out of your plate and almost stepped on a scattering of plastic bricks, we will tell you how this construction toy directly affects the development of girls and boys from 3 to 103 years old, and that this is not just building sets, but something more!

Fact #1: Fine motor skills development

The simplest and most obvious. Scientists, psychologists and other smart people officially declare: as the children attach parts to each other, their muscles develop, finger dexterity, too, and along with all of that, the speech skills are actively increasing. Just like this. The kid assembles LEGO® - learns to speak faster. 

Fact #2: Engineering skills

Maybe the child will not become an engineer, but structural-logical thinking is great for anyone. This also concerns girls, in any case we don’t need to divide such utilities into “male” and “female”! The process of assembling building sets according to the scheme develops engineering skills at an excellent pace. And if you also take high-tech kits, for example, from Technic series, you will have to think hard, and at the same time train your brain. 

Fact #3: Firming the foundations of mathematics and physics

Yes, even these! And again, do not think that this is useful and interesting only for boys - this is useful, interesting and very important for everyone. The details must be counted, and when assembling sets, their stability, weight, balance and size should be taken into account - this is it, physics in an elementary form. This is how spatial thinking develops and mathematics is unconsciously used. How? So, the little girl divided the building kit bricks into two equal bulks, and already learned the division, even without realising it! 

Fact #4: There is room for creativity and imagination

We were talking about exact sciences, but LEGO® surprisingly combines engineering with high creative potential. You can assemble sets according to the scheme, but you also can without it. You can turn a helicopter into a cool mill if you apply a little bit of creativity. The big evil elven dragon can be turned into many small bugs. And so on. A huge assortment of various parts will allow you to assemble anything from anything. It is all about your creativity and imagination. 

Fact #5: Promotes focus and calmness

This is an extremely important point in the current pace of life. Only few things can get the digital generation away from the gadgets, and even more they can teach your child to sit quietly and focused on one thing and not on five at once. And LEGO® can be those “few things”. To assemble the building set we need three friends - attentiveness, focus and patience. They are very useful for the child. 

Fact #6: Gathers the family together

And it is also very useful for the harmonious development of the child. Assembling LEGO® is a great option for family leisure, it is interesting to dads, it’s fascinating to moms, even grandparents can take part, if they can see well. Adults assembling sets with pleasure, because this job has no age limit, well, and to help the kid means having a good time together.

And here's a little lifehack, if at first the child ignored the LEGO® toy: lay out the parts in a visible place and start assembling yourself. In nine cases out of ten in half an hour you will already have to pull the instructions out of the hands of the baby. In the tenth, it may take an hour to do so. Maximum. 

Fact #7: Allows you to create new worlds

Thanks to the great variety of LEGO® minifigures and building sets, your child will be able to embody his wildest dreams in games. Moana will easily come to visit Elsa’s ice castle, Ariel will make a flight on a Star Wars spaceship, and no one will be left with nothing. In general, this is an ideal opportunity for a “crossover” (meeting characters from different universes), which contributes to frequent and lengthy games that develop useful skills described in this article. Total advantage.


Now you are convinced that it is difficult to find another such toy that will bring the child as much benefit at once, like LEGO®. No wonder this toy is considered one of the most fascinating inventions of the XX century. And there is! It is as important for a child to play LEGO® for development as reading a book or playing educational games. 

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