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Leaning Tower Of Pisa - LAminifigs , lego style jekca building set

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

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Over the centuries, the leaning Leaning Tower of Pisa displaced from the vertical very slowly, only millimeters over the years. Then the speed of the fall increased, and the structure had to be strengthened several times. After the last restoration and strengthening of the foundation, the angle of displacement of the top was reduced to 3.5 degrees. The top is displaced relative to the base by 480 centimeters, but the tower no longer falls - its fall was finally stopped in 2008. It reached its maximum inclination of about 10 degrees in the 90s of the XX century. Then there was a risk of its falling, and it was decided to carry out restoration work.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa began to lean due to the mistake of the architect Bonanno Pisano. Its foundation is only three meters deep into the ground, which is clearly not enough, given the height of the tower (56.7 meters), its mass (14,700 tons), and the fact that it was built on soft ground. It began to lean after the construction of the third floor (there are eight in total).

Our replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is also tilted but with 100% sturdiness, thanks to our patented interlocking system it will not break even if your cat plans it.

Build your own Leaning Tower of Pisa at home now!

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Type: Blocks
Certification: 3C
Warning: small parts not for kids under 3 years old
Plastic Type: ABS
Material: Plastic
Age Range: > 3 years old
Package Includes: building blocks with instructions

Size: 18.1 x 14.4 x 40.4 cm (3430 bricks)

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