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Wargaming Miniatures

Constantly hailed as the best minis on the market, Raging Heroes miniatures are for the discerning wargamer who only want the most badass, beautiful and full of character miniatures.

Most of our miniatures are multiparts, often with many alternative options included. Most of our troops use the same ball joint system, meaning that you can mix and match parts at will to change the posing but also the look and equipment of your units. So if you use the same kit several times, you can get very different looks every time.

This great collection includes: Fantasy, Science-Fiction and of course TGG, which stands for The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Our minis are perfect for 28 mm tabletop games. They can be used as centrepiece characters to make a strong impression on the gaming table. You can incorporate them in an existing army list or create special characteristics for each of them.

Our miniatures are mainly made of resin, and some are made of lead-free white metal.

The miniatures come with a plastic base but unassembled and unpainted.

Please read the story of our wargaming miniatures here.

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