Among the large number of toys LEGO® have a special place. Experts recognise that LEGO® is not only useful, but also advisable for children from an early age. Unique building sets have a comprehensive and positive influence on the child, in which the development of logic and fantasy is only the tip of the iceberg.

What is the main secret of the popularity of LEGO®

There are hundreds of building sets and thousands of minifigures available on the market. At first glance it may seem that they are completely different from each other, but in reality all of the building sets are distinguished by one common feature - simplicity. LEGO® blocks were specifically designed not to “push” the child or make them painfully search for the right solution. No, all the elements of building sets are a platform for the free creativity of the child, the realisation of his vision of the world.

Another unique feature of lego building sets is universality. All parts are compatible with each other, and not only within the same series. Modern blocks can be safely used for models created even in the 1950s. Therefore, Lego is a developmental toy that does not have age restrictions, quietly connects people from different generations.

All of the building sets of the legendary brand are issued with a note where age recommendation is indicated. This information should be taken into account. However, people are interested in creating the game world using blocks at any age. Therefore, building sets can be safely purchased not only as entertainment for the child, but also for the whole family.

How does LEGO® affects children

Repeated experiments proved that regular games with Lego form a lot of useful skills in children:


  • logical thinking and imagination;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • patience and self-control;
  • memory;

Each of the series, including the mega-popular LEGO® Creator, passes a number of serious tests before launching into production. The check is made comprehensive: from the degree of strength of the “bricks” to their interest and relevance for the younger generation.

Therefore, only those building sets which are guaranteed to find a interest from children will enter the toys market. As for the safety of the series, there can be no doubt about it. LEGO® blocks do not break, do not crack, tolerate temperature fluctuations well. Toys derived from bricks are no less reliable. The bright proof of this is the residential house of Britton James May, created from LEGO®.

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