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The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

The toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Who are the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy?

The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG) are the most amazing kickass female warriors you can put on your gaming table. Wether they are well intended or malevolent, you can bet that their level of badass-ness and attitude is at least at eleven!

The TGG Sci-Fi universe is a very rich background which tell the twisted and riveting story of the human race as it fled a dying earth to find a new home in the stars…

The TGG and their stories

These girls are not just some pretty faces, they've got some pretty amazing stories to tell…

That's why you are sure to fall in love with all of them. Some you'll just love at first sight, some you'll love to hate, and some you'll learn to love later!

Larger than life, stone cold crazy, powerful, beautiful, wise, deviant, manipulative, magical, broken, brilliant, pure... there is so much persona and attitude in these girls and women, you won't be able to believe that, after all, the TGG universe is just a game's background...

The Iron Empire

The Iron Empire

The Iron Empire is made up of the first human colony that have fled a dying earth and somehow stumbled upon necromantic knowledge from alien Pharaonic gods. Now a society mostly based on “undeath”, they combine Prussian and Germanic influences with some kind of Pharaonic cyber necromancy that allow them to raise the dead and create bio-mechanical aberrations.

The Iron Empire is fighting a terrible curse to get free from death itself as part of their theocracy have no interest to let go of dark arts and necromancy while most of the people of the street want to taste real life again.

Sisters of Eternal Mercy

Sisters of Eternal Mercy

Following the principle of the 7 Mothers, the Sisters of the Eternal Mercy used to be a religious order who fought among the stars to free humankind from all oppression. Blessed by the healing power of the Chalice and Holy Water, the Sisters have mastered True Resurrection. But dark visions of the future and extreme bigotry has turned their society in a much darker theocracy

Since the Age of Silence, the Sisters have seen their cohesion shattered. Although there are now many groups fighting for supremacy in the Order, the most obvious cleavage is between the humble Sisters who are still following they vows of poverty and helping the weak and the higher ranking military and noble families who are all about power and wealth.



Led by the ultra-powerful Kurganov family, the Kurganova Shock Troops are a highly organised and disciplined army with underlying Eastern European themes. The recent discovery of Ultrium, a mineral with miraculous properties, has catapulted their society in a new age of technological breakthrough and great wealth. They also benefit from strong cyber-enhanced pagan magic. This magic, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.

The Kurganovas have managed to survive internal civil wars only through harsh discipline and cold hard technology. But doing so, they have repressed their traditional pagan culture. Can they make technology and tradition coexist despite a very corrupted society?



The Jailbirds are a bunch of low-life, bad-ass, big-attitude girls who - for many different reasons - ended up in planetary prisons held by the Kurganov government. In the game, they can be used as small penitentiary contingents led by the Kurganova Shock Troops, or as a fully autonomous faction as many of them have fled captivity and gathered in a galaxy wide rebellion.

They are commando-style units with nothing to lose, and they specialise in acquiring enemy equipment for their own purposes.

Living like a bunch of runaways, gathering caravans of derelict spaceships among the stars, the Jailbird tribes' bigger stake is to recreate a stable free society and not to fall into a spiral of looting, unnecessary violence and self-destruction.



It looks like the Void Elves could well be just a small group from a much larger civilisation of truly immense powers, a small band of demented individuals who gather together for sick perverted games.

The Void Elves do not have a physical body per se. It appears that they are able to project themselves as solid light holograms of sort. They raid human settlements just for sport and to gather trophies.

They use weapons and technology that are way beyond human understanding.



The Lust Elves are a part of the Void Elves super advanced civilisation. Like them they don’t have a real material body. And thus, they seem fascinated by flesh, as it is something that they do not have.

They create insane constructs of flesh and technology that they use as vessels to incarnate and then go on rampage to harvest even more flesh. They appear to see this as some kind of performance art, although their spirit and intelligence is so much beyond human standards that who they are and what are their motives is at this time unfathomable.

It is hard to completely understand the internal struggles among the Void Elves or the Lust Elves but they seem to mostly fight amongst themselves for higher position in their society and maybe some sort of fame. What is clear is that their life is rife with internal feuds and total madness, at least from a human perspective.



As the earth faced its last days, a first human colony decided to try its luck and left earth behind. But it felt like their journey was doomed from the start…

After many years drifting into space, heavy radiations had killed most of the colonists and made most of the few survivor sterile. Their decimated fleet finally got stranded on an asteroid field. There, as all hope seemed lost, the few survivors made an amazing discovery: in the depths of the asteroids laid the remains of ancient alien artifacts and what looked like sleeping Egyptian-looking gods and creatures: the Pharaonites.

Using the dark necromantic spells of the Pharaonites, the survivors were able to bring back their deceased from the dead. 


In just a few decades, they started to rebuilt a society. But being lost in the middle of nowhere, with an undead people, on iron asteroids, and with corrupting magic as their only hope, they developed a fairly dark, sinister and twisted culture.

Soon, the new leaders of the First Colony got completely absorbed and transformed by necromancy. A complex internal struggle began between the desire to bring back life and the thirst for power and un-death immortality. 


In the hope of making its people grow, the rulers of the colony decided to draft all the remaining fertile people to make them breed and have new children.

Having made considerable technological progress since their crash, they were now able to fly among the stars again and very much want to expand their dominion. 


When the Iron Empire started to breed his fertile citizens, a group of seven fertile women, the Seven Mothers, horrified by the prospect of being transformed into breeding cattle, decided to escape the tyranny of the Empire and flew away from the belt, taking away with them many other fertile people and ennemies of the regime.

Barely escaping they crashed on a planet just out of reach of the Empire. This planet turned out to be the paradise the First Colony was hoping to find, just a few parsec away from the Iron Empire crash site. What an irony! 


On this newfound paradise, the escapists decided to name themselves the Sisters of Eternal Mercy, as their goal would be to bring a new era of peace and solace to humanity - to the exception of the monstrous ab-humans of the Iron Empire, of course...

Thanks to some visions the Mothers got in their dreams, the escapists discovered an enchanted healing water that ran deep on the planet. This holy water gave them the power of True Resurrection! The Chalice became their emblem, symbolising the cup holding the resurrection water, and they soon saw themselves as the bringer of true life in opposition to the Iron Empire. At that time, they vowed to destroy the Iron Empire and any oppression on humanity. 


Thinking they couldn't be the only colony that left earth they started looking for other colonies and human refugees.

They also started looking for earth to bring their holy water to the cradle of humanity. But when they finally found it, it was too late. The planet has been ravaged. Was it by war, cataclysm, cosmic event… it was hard to tell. 


But there, Santa Dolores, one of the sister’s greater seers had a very dark vision: since humanity had started to speak, count, write or code, it had been weaving a terrifying incantation, a spell that had been whispered to their uncouncious mind by unbelievable evil forces, a spell that would invoque the most powerful creatures of the Void. Terrifying titanic monsters, banned since the dawn of time, would be released to destroy all life. All these words, numbers, lines of codes, poems, songs, books, had only one purpose: to complete the spell that would make the universe burn into oblivion. 


With this vision, the dream of the Sisters was instantly shattered. To break the spell and save the universe, there was only one solution: to stop humanity from reading, counting, speaking, singing… The Sisters entered the Age of Silence, a period during which their brilliant civilisation regressed nearly to the point of annihilation. It would take them many many years before they would speak again and break the curse they had put onto themselves. But would it be enough to bring back the Sisters to their original splendour? And in doing so, hadn’t they fulfilled the prophecy and opened the gates for an age of Apocalypse? 


As they were nearly facing their extinction, what the sisters didn't knew was that another colony has fled earth just a few years after them. Much more lucky than the first colony, they had lived and prospered in a large solar system, but they were too soon to meet their doom. 


The second colony had been lucking enough to find a solar system that was holding several class A planets. There, they recreated a rural civilisation of peaceful agricultural tribes. Some could says that in a way, they had regressed, forgetting a lot about earth’s technologies and focussing on a more “raw” approach of life. With the years they developed a shamanic magic that was largely revolving around the link between humans and animals and the capacity to turn into a were beast. They would call themselves the Kurgans. 


After a long period of relative peace, The Kurgans stumbled on Ultria, a planet that seemed to be the only source of Ultrium, an amazing metallic crystal that swiftly propelled their civilisation into a new era of science, technology and massive expansion. This sudden change deeply shook the foundation of the Kurgan civilisation. 


For many Kurgan, this transformation was overwhelming. Many were unable to deal with this instant transition from rags to infinite riches. The Kurgan tribes suddenly went into a civil war that escalated into a horrible carnage - the Bloodshed - as enraged tribes of werewolves turned against each others. The tribes were decimated. 


At the end of this terrible ordeal, Aleksandr Kurganov, the leader of one of the biggest Kurgan families, managed to bring back peace and to unify the Kurgan tribes. But the Old Way of shamanic wisdom and magic became frowned upon - or even at times totally forbidden - as it was seen as the source of the Bloodshed. Shamanic powers should not be used again. 


To give a new direction to the Kurgan society, the Kurganov family used the power of the Ultrium to kickstart a massive technological revolution. The New Way, or the Way of Progress quickly replaced the Old Way of the Shamans, at least in the official propaganda. 


The Kurganov family put a strong dictatorship in place, based around the cult of personality of the Kurganov family. They created state prisons that were immense working camps. Any opponents to the regime and most of the war prisoners would end up in these camps. The strongest prisoners would then be drafted into arena games. They would become gladiators. The Kurgan would also enlist these prisoners in disciplinary units that would be sent on the battlefield for suicide missions or as cannon fodder. 


A gigantic army was drafted by Alexandr and his generals, it would become known as the Kurganova Shock Troops (KST), implying that each member of the Kurgan army is an elite warrior. 


As the very first season of the TGG game launch, you’ll be able to see the history of the Jailbirds write itself in front of your eyes. There is a strong rebellion brooding among the people who live under the oppressive powers of the three main big colonies. Rebellious citizen, political prisoners who managed to break free, people from small independent human colonies, outlaws, war survivors, all sorts of people are starting to gather into a new faction. 


Living for the most part in space convoy or on small planets hideaways, some of them are pirates, some of them are warriors, some of them are gipsies. Some are benevolent and try to create a new society, some are violent crime lords trying to build their own empire and some are just trying to survive.

But overall, the Jailbirds are on-the-run slaves and prisoners who fight for their freedom with a lot of panache and big mouthing. 


The main Jailbirds characters you’ll meet in the TGG game’s first season are penitentiary workers who are trying to escape the KST mines. Think of them as a mix of Tank Girl and characters from Mad Max and you’ll have a good feel of what they are. 


When the first season of the TGG game launches, the Void and Lust Elves are not known yet. The humans of the TGG world will learn to know them in very painful ways.

Who are these creatures that manifest themselves right out of thin air ? What is the secret of their immensely powerful technology ? And most of all, what do they want ?

Nobody knows for sure. They seem to be coming from another dimension, just for the pleasure of hunting lesser creatures such as humans. 


Incredibly advanced and crazily arrogant, the Void Elves seem to have a very strong sense of hierarchy and some sort of twisted code of honor.

By nature, the Lust Elves are shape-shifters, continuously altering their form, growing or losing limbs at will, and able to move like no other living thing could. Some of them use this ability as an infiltration tool to walk among humans undetected. And when they revert back to their preferred form, it is usually too late for their prey.

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